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Collecting US Air Force Challenge Coins

These are one of the most highly regarded challenge or military coins. As with the other branches of the military, the coin is given for the completion of an important task or outstanding performance above and beyond the call of duty.

The Art of Tea Bags and Temari Balls

I recently wrote an article about some of the different types of crafts or hobbies that are available. When doing some research to see how many I could find, I came across a couple that I had never heard of and really piqued my interest. Tea Bag Art and Temari Ball Art. Not having heard of either of these, I decided to see what I could discover and share what I found in case someone else wasn’t familiar with them either.

Learn How to Sew for Personalization

Personalization is a key reason for someone to decide to learn how to sew. You are able to personalize everything associated with your item when you sew it yourself. Even if you use a commercial pattern as your project base, you will automatically make it personal by your choice of fabric and embellishments.

The History of Shelley Pottery

The history of Shelley pottery goes right back to the foundation of the Foley Potteries in 1827, but it was the arrival of Frederick Rhead in 1896 as Art Director of Wileman & Co that heralded the beginning of 40 years of creative innovation and huge success for the company. Although Rhead was only at the company for nine years he made a substantial contribution. Between 1896 and 1936 Shelley produced a large range of outstanding decorative and table ware. Due to the quality of the products and clever marketing the company became one of the leading brands at home and in the export market.

Gold Pans – Which One Works The Best?

I can not think of a simpler, easier way to get started in the wonderful world of gold prospecting than by using a gold pan. They are the very least expensive tools that you can use to search for that magical yellow metal called gold.

What Can Metal Detecting Clubs Do For You?

Metal detecting is actually about the adventure; discovery and opportunity of finding long lost treasures that can be centuries old. One of the easiest ways to have access to these treasures is to find and join a metal detecting club.

Model Railroading Scenery Basics

When you’re building your layout there is nothing more fun than constructing your own model railroading scenery and structures. What is really great is that even a novice will be able to do it if they take the time to discover how to do it properly.

How to Make Cell Phone Charms

If you have a cell phone, and you are really enjoying it but you feel like something is missing then that is for sure the cell phone charm. There are different ways that people personalize their phones. They put wallpapers and ringtones which they like and find interesting, but they are not noticed by people right away. So in case you lose your phone somewhere around people who know you it will be easier for them to recognize that it is yours just by looking at the charm.

Christmas Tissue Paper Crafts For Kids

Tissue paper Christmas crafts are simple and easy for children to make. These include the ever popular Christmas tree ornaments and wreaths. Children especially like to make crafts from tissue paper. Over half of the children crafts that teach tissue crafting to children call for “bits and pieces” of tissue paper.

Easy and Fun Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

A rainy day is a great opportunity to get out the arts and crafts boxes and spend time with the kids making personalized gifts for friends and family. Nothing expresses love as well as a homemade card or a giant tissue paper flower.

Can You Finish Off a Crocheted Item With Embroidery?

A great number of people are unaware that they can embroider on their completed home crocheted project – but you can. If you examine some of the commercial garments that are crocheted, you will notice on some of them that they have embroidered something on it. To me, that adds a nice finishing touch and adds to its exclusiveness.

Gel Candles – Examining the Procedure and Supplies Required

Candle making is one popular activity all over the world. It is one fascinating activity, which has gained optimistic reviews from most people in various parts of the world. Making gel candles is a simple activity and presents different varieties that one can make and this kind of craft has gained a lot of interest today because the candles are very different from other types.

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