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Simple Candle Making How To Guide

If you want to take part in a new hobby or want to tap in to your creative side then a candle making how to guide is for you. Candle making is an age old tradition that goes back thousands of years, out of almost all of the arts and crafts that people partake in, candle making is the oldest. It is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons, for example the supplies needed are fairly inexpensive and the process is easy to follow and even easier to do. Are you ready for this candle making how to?

Golden Tips to Metal Detecting on Beaches

Beachcombing is one of the most popular uses of the metal detecting machine. Here are some tips to help you optimize your opportunity for finds on the beach.

Fabric – A Glorious Reason to Learn How to Sew

Have you ever stopped to consider the diversity of fabric? There are so many types of fabric. From content, to weave, to knit – from color to finishes…the variety is truly amazing! Being able to work with all of this beauty and diversity is one of the best reasons to learn how to sew.

Keep Your Collection Valuable With Coin Storage

Do you have an assortment of coins? If so, you probably know that it can be very difficult to keep then in great condition and keep them intact in a safe place. There are a lot of things that may ruin these types of items, for instance the mere fact that they usually come in contact with environmental elements causing them to age and fade in time. You must be wondering how you can resolve such an issue by being able to keep them preserved and just as nice as its original state.

Time Capsule Memory Ornaments

This Christmas I made a unique memory ornament to remind me every Christmas of a moment in time captured forever, my wedding day. You can make one to capture any favorite moment you want to remember whether it’s your wedding, first baby, hobby or a favorite pet.

Making Your Own Envelope Clutch Purse

Perhaps the easiest purse in the world to sew is the envelope clutch purse. Despite it’s ease to create, the envelope clutch is also an elegant purse that does not require much of anything to create. But once you do have everything in hand you are good to go for creating your own collection of incredible envelope clutch purses.

Delicious Father’s Day Crafts: Bake a Personalized Cake

Make this Father’s Day one-of-a-kind by getting your children together to create a Father’s Day cake for your dad, grandfather or husband. Show him how much he’s appreciated and have the chance to show off your creativity.

Tips for Tuning RC Trucks

Getting your tips about tuning Nitro RC trucks from the experts is the best way. Sharing with you today some of the best tuning tips for Nitro RC trucks. sharing some insight on how to keep your rc truck maintained and tuned up for maximum performance.

How To Make A Corset – Equipment

So you’d like to learn how to make a corset? Possibly you’ve made clothes before? Or completed some craft project many moons ago and would like to try something a little harder/more useful/more glamorous? And you’ve decided you’d like to make a corset…but your not really sure what that involves. You may even have bought a pattern, but found there’s not really a lot of information in it on what equipment and materials you’ll need. Well here’s a beginners run down of whats needed to make a proper steel boned corset:

What To Look For In A Candle Making Book

When it comes to making candles there are quite literally thousands of books that are available to you on the subject. With so many books how can you tell which candle making book is right for you? Well, this all depends on what you are looking into, if you want some information on which book to choose out of all of the candle making books available then read on as this article is going to go over all of the basics.

The Importance of Scale When Selecting Doll House Kits

The standard size most popular dolls and doll house kits do not always go together because of a huge discrepancy in size. This article deals with how to get match the scale of the doll house to the doll.

Things to Consider While Buying Sewing Machines for Beginners

Are you interested to learn to sew? When we go out in the market we see various designs which attract our attention.

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