Marketing of Knitting and Crocheting Handiworks

The two activities are very similar to each other and the terms often confused or used interchangeably. Probably the best differentiation that can be made is that crocheting uses thicker yarns than knitting and therefore quite easier to learn and handle, while the capability of knitting to produce intricate designs takes a bit more time to master. Both however uses same techniques and similar tools to create body warmers like socks, mittens, sweaters, gloves, and other familiar items that provides cozy comfort to the human wearer.

Model Railroads for Adults – Guidelines for Success

Some important considerations for the adult model railroader when getting started with this great hobby. An overview that suggests the best mindset for success with model trains.

A Primer On Model Train Benchwork

An introduction to model train benchwork. An overview of what good benchwork accomplishes and the things that should be considered before going ahead and building it.

Building Placement in Model Railroad Scenery

Model railroaders often focus on scenery in terms of rocks and trees, without considering how the built forms, especially commercial and residential architecture, will fit into the scene. In the real world, much of the scenic context is determined by the houses, roads, stores, other man-made features. These can look out-of-place or otherwise wrong if they are just dropped onto a layout without proper planning and understanding.

Care of Your Raku Pottery Products

Raku Pottery like all household good need to be specially cared for. Pottery products are very fragile, hence they need to be handled carefully so that they can last longer. Imagine having this beautiful pottery in your house.

Sew a Stylish Neckline in a Knit Top

Always on the lookout for creative sewing ideas, I recently discovered a technique for using clear plastic beading cord to create a finish on the neckline of a knit top. Not only is the technique it simple, it creates an elegant look.

Sewing a Purse For Fun or Profit

Oh the joys of sewing fashion accessories for fun. With just the basic how to’s of sewing you can make a bag to coordinate with any and all outfits you wish to have. That’s correct. Knowing how to make a purse unlocks the door to a special creative flow and puts you in an enviable place to create all the custom fashion accessories you dare to dream of.

Creatively Fit Kids – Summer Crafts

I love creative kids! I love creating things with my creative kids! I love that my creative kids are going to grow up into fabulous problem solvers! BUT I do not love unrealistic expectations when it comes to our creative time.

Designing Women’s Handbags

Very few women are indifferent about the way they look when they are going out. For the most part, ladies enjoy looking great and consider travelling with a good-looking handbag an absolute necessity. Whether country gals, island girls or uptown ladies, most of them have an idea of what the perfect handbag looks like and they soon hope to have it hanging from their arm. Some ladies love glitz, while others are driven to a plain canvas tote and yet still there are groups that absolutely adore anything painted. You know the fabulous purses that have been embellished with paint; the same kind you would use to paint on clothes.

Candle Making Crafts for Any Holiday or Special Occasion

Who doesn’t love candles? Candle making crafts can be a fun way to celebrate special occasions by making them more memorable with your customized candles. You can use old canning jars, broken pieces of crayons with a bit of essential oil for fragrance, gel candles embedded with seashells or other found objects and hand dipped candles for an elegant table setting.

Wire Wrapping

How to make handmade wire-wrapped jewelry. Wire wrapping is a beautiful way to make or compliment jewelry by twisting and binding wires together. Let’s start with the basics.

What Is the Singer Sewing Machine?

I’m not sure if any of you guys knows how the old Singer sewing machine looks like but believe it or not I still have one. It was my grandmothers, then my mothers and now it became mine. It can’t do all the fancy features like today’s sewing machines can do but it still does a very good job. The Singer that I have is still the old one with the hand wheel on the side that you have to turn for the needle to actually start moving up and down. It’s also a real heavy sewing machine so once I unpacked it I just left it on my sewing table.

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