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Double Fold Quilt Binding

Double fold quilt binding also known as the French -fold, is exactly what the name implies, a binding folding so that it forms two layers. There are two methods or techniques for attaching or this type of binding to your handmade baby quilt.

Make Your Own Bumper Sticker

Need some bumper stickers for your next charity event? Want to make a statement? Why pay the high price of printing for just one or two bumper stickers when you can do it yourself? Read more…

How to Use Etching Cream for Glass

This article will teach you how to create professional permanently etched designs in 3 basic steps. The whole process lasts less than 3 minutes and will last a lifetime. Using etching cream to etch glass has become very popular due to its ease of use.

Beekeeping – Don’t Let a Little Sting Deter You From This Wonderful Hobby

Is beekeeping for you? Just consider the benefits of having honey on tap. This article helps you consider its uses. Honey is a power house when it comes to natural and organic.

History of The Amish Quilts, Part 1

The Amish people can be understood better just by the origin of their Amish quilts. The Old Order Amish Community shun the modern society way of life for a much slower paced quiet peaceful life. They live off the land with very little or no help from the outside world. That means no electricity, no telephones in their homes, no automobiles or anything with rubber wheels, no inside plumbing and no art, or pictures.

Beekeeping for Beginners: Where to Find More Information

One of the hardest things is starting beekeeping or any hobby is finding good relevant information. Often the information is not relevant or targeted or hard to find. This article points you to a number of sources where you can find good sources of great information on beekeeping.

Choosing Fabric for Your Baby Quilt Binding

Binding the baby quilt is the last and final opportunity to make your statement on your quilt. Take a good look at the fabrics that you have chosen for your quilt. Did you make one that is so soft and cuddly that is whispers lullabies, or have you created one that has those loud sounds vibrating that requires your binding to shout back at you?

Secrets Of The Amazing Silicone Mould Putty

This article is the first one of what I plan to be a series to take you from using silicone moulding for small fun projects to being able to become so skilled that you can potentially earn a living using the skills you have learnt here. I am going to start by telling you about the easiest way to make moulds, which is to use silicone mould putty. In this article, you will get an overview of what this product is, and how to use it. However, first I am going to explain why it is best to start with silicone putty rather than another moulding material.

Bee Keeping

Starting Bee keeping, is it for you? This article outlines the things you need to think about when starting beekeeping. It asks you 5 important questions you need to answer to yourself before starting on this exciting hobby.

Attracting Finches To Your Birdfeeders

The needed information for you to attract finch families to your birdfeeders. How and what to feed them while keeping them safe. Also some of the information will keep finch and other wild birds returning to your yard and garden any each year.

A Short History of Amish Quilting Styles

This is a short history of how Amish women started their unique style of quilting. Also, how they have become the experts of piecing and stitching a quilt.

Papier-Mache – A Sculpture From Paper and Paste

Sculpting is not only done from clay, ice, marble or pottery but can also be done using paper and paste. It is great for school projects and the kids will love it. Masks, bowls and fanciful sculptures can all be made with paper and paste or glue of any kind.

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