Your Selection Of A Shot Glass Holder Cabinet Accents Your Personality

Whether you collect shot glasses in order to dazzle friends with stunning bar tricks, or as keepsakes from various vacations, the shot glass holder with which you use to display your collection will say as much about yo, as does each glass. Shot glasses by their nature are somewhat whimsical. Maybe it’s their tiny childlike size, or the colorful pictures and saying they often host, but for what ever reason they often become the focal point of any room in which they are displayed.

Is Craft Artistry?

The age old debate of Art vs. Craft continues – but only in the minds of those who are not craftspersons, or have never been besotted by the pursuit of Life, Liberty, Craft and Happiness. How gratifying to read the most popular and highly regarded Dictionaries continue to define an ‘artisan’ as a skilled craftsperson – and a craftsperson as an artisan, highly skilled in his/her craft. We of a ‘crafty’ nature have never entertained a doubt about our artistry.

Enjoying RC Boats As a Family

If you want to discover a great family friendly hobby, owning your own remote control boat might be just what you need. RC boats are great family fun that both parents and children can enjoy together. There are different types of RC boats in both large and small sizes. A family that is just new to this hobby can start off with a smaller vessel and gradually work their way up to larger RC boats once they really get into this fun hobby.

Scoring Great Finds – Metal Detecting

Scoring great finds metal detecting is a reason that attracts people to this hobby. Many people will pick up a detector and search to see what they find. Some may get lucky and find a few things, however, many will notice that it takes more effort, more skill and more knowledge to find valuable items.

Evolution Of The Online Handmade Industry

The Online Handmade Industry is booming. And it will continue to do so as more and more artists and artisans search for new and better ways to present their works to the buying public. In the years B.C. (Before Computers) the sale of art products, crafts and visual arts were confined to such megalithic venues as art shows and exhibits, craft fairs, bazaars and even school events and community clubs. Of course many of these mediums are still highly regarded as completely legitimate methods for use in presentation of art and art products.

Computerized Sewing Machine – Stitches Just Got Easier

Getting a new home sewing machine sounds fantastic if you have a spare budget for some extra features. A 1-step automatic buttonhole is perfect when sewing shirt dresses and shirts. If you want to make a specialized baby clothes, or christening clothing you can opt for devices that has a French hand sewing feature. If you are very artistic you can create cute gifts if the device has embroidery features on it.

Candle Making Containers – Easy Tips to Help You to Make Unique Candles

The best thing about making unique candles is that they make excellent gifts for practically any occasion. They can be customized to the person and or occasion that you want to give them to. You will need to have the proper candle making containers for the job at hand which is not too difficult as they are readily available.

Ghana Life: Beekeeping in the Tropics

Kwame Mainu and his English friend, Tom Arthur, are travelling back to Kumasi in July 1986 from Kwame’s mother’s hometown, Wenchi, in Brong-Ahafo Region. They have with them Kwame’s half-sister, Adjoa, who is going to Kumasi to buy shoes to sell in her kiosk on Wenchi High Street. On the way they plan to visit Sunyani, the capital of Brong-Ahafo Region and the home of Ghana’s biggest beekeeper with a thriving export market over the nearby border with Cote d’Ivoire. It was Tom’s opportunity to learn about the promise of tropical beekeeping as a widespread cottage industry and potentially a major employer in deprived rural areas of Ghana.

How to Make a Barbie House

The real estate market for Barbie’s house is a limited one. Barbie is a material girl, and she needs a house that can hold all her stuff. Most of the Barbie houses you can buy in the store are just too small for Barbie’s clothes and show, not to mention her car collection. If you want a Barbie house big enough for the average Barbie collector, you’re going to have to build it yourself.

If Grandma Could Quilt Today

With a treadle machine and foot power, cardboard templates, and many hours at the quilt frame, my Grandma perfected her talent of quilting. Each colorful bed quilt and creative and unique baby quilt sewed by her skilled hands without the modern day tools to today’s quilters. I often wonder what Grandma would think if she would be alive to quilt today?

Beeswax Candles – Some Tips and Ideas to Express Your Creativity With Your Loved Ones

Making beeswax candles is one of the most enjoyable ways to make gifts that will be treasured for as long as it takes to burn the candle. If you’re looking for a great way to make gifts for just about any holiday a friend or family member, beeswax candle making can provide the perfect medium through which to please everyone, including yourself because it is a lot of fun and delightfully satisfying.   There’s little heating and virtually no mess.

A Brief Introduction To Tie Dye Techniques

Before you start your tie dye fun, read this article! It will set you up for success in your tie dye adventure.

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