Colorful 3D-Pen Crafts That Will Save Your Money || Mini Crafts And Repair Tips

Why Do Model Airplanes Crash?

Under controlled laboratory conditions, it has been determined that all the damage to model airplanes occurs within one inch of the ground (wink). But why did it go down in the first place?

HALE UAV at 60,000 Ft (20,000 M) – Why Replace Satellites?

I’m consulting for a company that is building an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) designed to fly in the stratosphere. In this article, I’ll tell you why it makes sense to replace an earth-orbiting satellites with a high-altitude long-endurace (HALE) UAV.

Serendipity, Or Creating Your Own Luck When Designing Your Own Model Airplane

Serendipity has been described as looking for a needle in a haystack and getting out of it with the farmer’s daughter. What the heck does this have to do with model airplanes?

How Much Will a Beginner Electric Guitar Cost You?

          So, you’re interested in the electric guitar. Maybe you have decided that acoustic guitars just don’t offer you the kind of sound you are looking for. The bottom line is that the electric guitar is a phenomenal instrument that provides endless musical possibilities for you.

Before Beginning Your Home Crochet Project, Check Labels!

This is one aspect of home crocheting that is often overlooked, yet, it is the most important detail, at least to me! I want to make sure that I will launder this garment correctly to get the most benefit out of my hours of labor, as well, I want this garment to look its best – I’m really vain in that regard!

Model Airplane Stalls

A bad day? When you stall your model airplane close to the ground. Let me explain what a stall really is.

Do You Fly Your Model Airplane Like a Clown?

If you act like a clown and are the best pilot at the field, you are the best pilot at the field. If you act like a clown and are not the very best pilot at the field, then you are just a clown. Are you a clown?

London Olympic Collectibles

Olympic collectibles can be a great hobby, for fun, sentimental reasons and possibly investment if you have the knowledge. In this article, I explore the numerous items that are available to collect.

RC Boats: An Introduction To The Hobby

RC boats are popular all over the world. They offer a unique way of spending your time and can be either peaceful or exciting. Typically, they are not dreadfully expensive and so can be enjoyed by just about anyone with an interest. Many people wonder how to get into the hobby though. They wonder about buying quality models, or what different sorts of models exist. In this article, we will discuss this and more.

How To Square Up Picture Frame Mat Board Before Cutting a Window In The Mat

Before you start to cut the mat board opening for a picture frame you need to ensure that your mat board is square and sized correctly. Squaring up a mat board is the first step in picture framing when you are framing a photo or framing a picture under glass.

Collecting Collection

Sometimes it was as simple as a rock collection. Never any costs and always in abundant supply. Of course there are some collections that are far from some ordinary rock collection. Now we will cover three types of collecting so you get the grand scheme of what collecting is all about.

The Quilting Craze

What is so addictive about making quilts? I really wish I could say. Some would say that we quilters are crazy, taking perfectly good fabric and then cutting it all up before stitching it back together again. Others look at quilting as a quaint, old-fashioned hobby and don’t have much use for it. Anyone who doesn’t make quilts can’t understand everything that goes into it.

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