Family Memories And Making Homemade Candles

Learning how to make your own candles is a fun project for the entire family to do together. You will be learning how to make candles and making memories all at the same time.

The First Step to Start a Craft Business

So you wake up one morning and decide you are going to start your own craft business. Is it that simple?

Top Three Recommendations for Excellent Craft Sales Online

There are many who go about things the right way and who experience good success with selling their crafts online. Many others start out wrong and never really have a chance to succeed.

Basic Knit Stitches for Beginners

There are really only two basic stitches used in knitting; the knit stitch and the purl stitch. You will combine these stitches in hundreds of different ways to create different patterns that will be used in all of your knitting endeavors. That’s why it’s important to perfect the two basic stitches; once you’ve learned them, there’s practically no limit to what you can create!

The Basics of Trapunto

Trapunto quilting is a way to add a new texture and dimension to your quilting. Trapunto is a form of quilting that produces raised quilting designs and it looks like you have miniature little pillows in the designs that you created.

Make Money Quilting – 5 Methods

Start making plans to open your quilting business and operate from your home, a rental location, or a commercial building which you own. Make money quilting a personal stash to sell, represent other quilters, sell quilting services, and retail quilting supplies.

Choosing a Right Beehive for Best Beekeeping

Learn the way to build a beehive within the proper way will make sure that you’ve got quality hives which is able to last for several years. It will be fulfilling on your part that you simply are able to build beehive that can give shelter and protection for your bees.

Cotton And Synthetic Quilting Fabrics

Quilters love both cotton and synthetic quilting fabrics. All fabric types from organic cotton textiles to the new synthetic blends offer endless opportunities for traditional quilting and the new experimental art quilting. It is a playground for variety and endless experimenting; a fabric paradise for quilters.

Model Railroad Shelf Layouts

Model railroad shelf layouts offer a variation to the more conventional design of an ellipsoidal or oval shaped layout that facilitates a continuous flow of the model train movement. This is much more suited to the model railroad enthusiast who is hard-pressed for space to layout an expansive network of tracks but who would still like to experience the thrill of building a model railway and find something exciting to operate.

How to Sew Some Decorative Stitching

This article is about some decorative stitching. I’m just giving some basic ideas and what you can start off with if you are a beginner to decorative stitching.

Homemade Jewelry – Avoiding Running Out of Money

When starting any hobby, especially making your own homemade jewelry, you can very easily begin to run out of money. It seems like many hobbies quickly turn into money pits. This can be a big issue for a lot of obvious reasons. Fortunately there are a few steps you can take to help you enjoy your new found hobby without running out of money.

The Cutty Sark Model Is A Prize Add-On To Collectors Of All Ages

Various aspects of this ship continue to draw admirers – the large, impressive array of sails and the sturdy shape are only a few. This ship model is an optimal favorite among collectors and those who make them. Modelers often make this ship simply to test their skills against the complex challenge. No other model ship is quite as valued or as long lasting in a home as the Cutty Sark model is. Though the era of the wind based clipper ship is already historical fact, people romanticize the tough and reliable vessel. Many will come to see the Cutty Sark model as a fragment of a rich and varied maritime history.

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