Working With Beads and Crystals

When you are working with beads and crystals keep an eye on your costs. If you are working on a long necklace for example, the cost of the materials can quickly become expensive. The solution is to work some cheaper beads and spacers into your design rather than trying to make the necklace shorter. Also remember that you can use slightly lower quality beads towards the back of the necklace where it will be hidden by the hair but don’t damage the overall design by buying too low quality. It can be cheaper to buy old strings of beads and restring them into new designs than buying individual stones.

Arts and Crafts Ideas Involving Soap

Did you know that making soap could be so much fun? In fact of all the arts and craft ideas you try you may just find it the most rewarding. Making soap at home can also be extremely good for your skin. Many people suffer from allergies to mass produced soap. They could have symptoms ranging from a mild itching to a severe dermatitis condition such as eczema and psoriasis. Having a skin condition that gets worse when you wash your hands is a nightmare to live with. This is especially true for moms who spend their lives washing their hands after the diaper change and before and after meal preparation.

Seekers Guide on How to Make a Dollhouse

If you are interested in learning how to make a dollhouse for the first time this article will help. The author shares some important things to consider when taking on this wonderful hobby.

Saving Money With Craft

Besides making a little money with your craft, how do you save money when you want to make things either to sell or for your own pleasure? I’m not trying to take anything away from some of the better known craft suppliers and brands as they do offer some beautiful and good quality products but sometimes, especially when you’re on a tight budget or just want to try it to see if it’s your kind of thing to do then there are many alternatives.

Making Calendars by Using CD Cases

Any time you hear the saying CD Desk Calendar’? you may be somewhat puzzled on the way these types of photo calendars are meant to look like. Nevertheless what you should with understand these types of desk calendars is they never include the actual Compact disks in any way. On the other hand, they make use of the Compact disc jewel cases that function as the frameworks of these desk calendars. When they are correctly set-up, you should only have to place a tailor made ‘CD cover’? that will function as your desk calendars design. If this seems easy, you can see just how remarkable these kinds of photo calendars tend to be as soon as you understand their benefits.

Metal Detecting Clubs – Are They Right for You?

Metal detecting is an adventure made even more exciting when done with others who share your interest. There are several advantages to joining a metal detecting club. You have access to people who can help you learn how and where to metal detect. You can get advice about metal detecting equipment and what type of detector would be best for you. You can get information and tips to help you on your hunts without spending weeks reading books or researching hunting areas.

Clay Beads – Loads Of Fun

Simply put, using clay beads is loads of fun. In this article I want to share with you just some of the ways that you can use these little works for art to make your own creative and incredible creations.

Clay Beads – Are They Safe For Kids?

One of the big questions I get about working with clay beads is whether or not they are safe for children. This is because most parents know that it would be fun to create great craft projects with these little works of art, but they are unsure of whether or not it would be a good idea because of safety concerns. Granted anything can be dangerous and these little art supplies are no exception. But I firmly believe that if you follow a few simple guidelines you will find that these craft supplies are perfectly safe for you and your children. In this article I will share these guidelines with you so that your craft making experience will be safe and enjoyable.

Clay Beads – Making Them Ceramic

If you have been around clay beads for long you know there is a way to take them to the next level. This is done by taking these handmade works of arts and turning them into ceramic beads. While they are essentially still the same types of beads, ceramic ones truly have a level of class that is all their own. In this article I will discuss the process these little works of art go through and why this change is such a big deal.

Stimulate Your Imagination With Period Specific Dollhouse Dresses

The standard size most popular dolls and doll house kits do not always go together because of a huge discrepancy in size. This article deals with how to get match the scale of the doll house to the doll.

How to Make a Duct Tape Coin Purse

If you would like to learn how to make a neat little duct tape coin purse, this article will lead you through step by step. This is a great duct tape craft for kids or adults.

Clay Beads – Getting The Best Deal

When shopping for clay beads you will realize that if you are not careful your bill can run up very quickly. This can easily be avoided if you would only try to be a smart shopper. In this article I will share three ways that you can be a smart shopper and get the best deal possible.

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