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Christmas Candle Making Instructions That You Can Follow in an Hour!

We all know that everyone loves to get into the crafting spirit around the holidays, but sometimes it just seems like everyone expects us to be Martha Stewart. Let’s be honest; we don’t all have 30 hours a day to dedicate to making our house beautiful for Christmas. But what if you do want to make your own Christmas candles?

3 Christmas Candle Making Ideas That You Can Do for the Holidays

Everyone is always trying to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone. We all stress and try and figure out exactly what they’ll want or exactly what they need, when most of us just want something personal. This is exactly why I think Christmas candle making ideas are such a great way to go, because you’re creating something completely personal for that special someone.

How to Find Cheap Candle Making Wax Quickly and Easily

There aren’t many hobbies that let you burn up your hard work, but that is one of the things that makes candles so unique and fun. Unfortunately, it also makes it somewhat expensive. That is why finding cheap candle making wax can be so important, especially if you aren’t selling your candles to make some of that money back.

History of Scalextric Slot Cars

In 1939 Bentram Francis 1939 opened up a tool-making company, which he ran twenty-four hours a day during all the war years. Two years after the armistice was declared he shifted his attention to a gentler line of work and decided to pursue his life-long ambition of becoming a toy-maker.

RC Planes Are Great for Relaxation

RC planes have become quite popular over the past few years especially with the advancements being made to these planes. RC planes are becoming smaller, faster, lighter and more agile. You use to have to spend weeks trying to construct an RC plane by hand and building the engine and all the parts yourself but these days you can purchase a high quality RC plane that comes fully assembled out of the box.

Cross Stitching Tips

Cross stitching is such a fun and rewarding craft that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Below you’ll find twelve helpful hints and tips on how to improve your cross stitch projects.

Quilting As A Creative And Inspirational Craft

Nowadays, quilting has gone out of favor in the activities of the social elite, and even the lower social echelons have lost touch with the social necessity of quilting; it is rather taken on out of enjoyment and as an expressive art form. Quilting gives people an outlet for their creative energy and brings a level of joy that enhances their life.

5 Tips for Collecting Antique Guns

Antique guns are fun to shop for and collect, but how do you know that the purchases you make for your collection are legitimate? You don’t want to waste money on a gun that is not an actual antique and you don’t want to pay more than the item is worth.

How to Use Artificial Flowers in Your Centerpiece Designs

Not all floral centerpieces need to use fresh flowers, and not all artificial flowers look tacky, yes we’ve all heard that before. But wait things come in threes – not all floral centerpieces for tables need to include a vase either……Lets explore an artificial floral centerpiece idea with a little surprise twist.

How To Make A Scented Candle at Home in Less Than an Hour

Many people want to learn just how to make a scented candle, well, it is honestly very easy to do. Scents for making candles are easy to find at any arts and crafts store, you can even make them at home or simply use a food extract such as almond, vanilla, or lemon extract as a scent. Extracts are an option, however, you can easily find a variety of scented oils for candle making at almost any arts and crafts store.

Free Candle Wick Making Instructions That You Can Do at Home

Are you ready for some free candle wick making instructions? Making a candle wick at home is a fairly simply process and it is very rewarding. With that being said we want to make sure that you know before you start that although the steps are simple it does take a long time to complete the process, for this reason you may want to make many wicks at once so that you have several prepared for you at all times.

Soy Candle Making Instructions – Make A Soy Candle At Home

If you want to make an all natural soy candle then these soy candle making instructions are for you. Soy wax is a great wax to use for making candles because it is all natural, it holds fragrance and color well, and it burns smoothly. Are you ready to learn how to make a soy candle step by step?

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