Where Can I Sell My Comic Books?

In order to decide where to sell old comic books online, you need to take your time and do some investigating. Figure out what your particular collection is selling for and where the best price is given. Different places can provide different results, so it’s important not to be hasty. You can get more money than you think for that old pile of magazines.

Setting Up an Efficient Sewing Area

Are you just learning how to sew? Are you accumulating a pile of sewing-related supplies that you aren’t sure how to store? Would you like some useful tips on how to organize all of those items in a really practical way? I’m here to help!

Candle Making Projects – A Simple Project You Can Do at Home!

Are you looking for some great candle making projects? Maybe you simply want to make a new and unique candle? If you do then you have come to the right place as this article is going to go over one of my favorite unique and fun candle making projects. Are you ready?

Candle Making Techniques – Simple Tips To Make A Better Candle

So what are some of the candle making techniques that professionals use to make great looking beautiful scented candles? Well there are many tips and tricks that they use however to be honest, most of the time they use special tools in order to create a unique look. These tools can be expensive and if you are new to making candles then you probably do not want to invest in to them just yet. So other than expensive tools and supplies what are some candle making techniques that you can use at home to make your candles look as though they were made by professionals?

How To Make Beaded Bracelets With Correct Wrist Measurements

How to make beaded bracelets with correct wrist measurements can be quite an interesting challenge. The best way to measure an individual for a beaded bracelet is to use a standard seamstress measuring tape and measure the intended wrist. But, what do you do when you cannot measure a wrist?

How to Properly Fire Your Pottery

Firing your pottery is probably the most important aspect of pottery making! You have invested all your time and skill in making and decorating your piece only for it all to go wrong on firing. Learn how to fire your kiln correctly and why getting to know how your kiln works will really pay dividends!

Ships In Bottles Make Wonderful Collectibles

Bottles are often made purely from glass. Naturally sanded sea glass can be crafted to make a bottle by many modelers with the skill and practice. Rare sea glass ships in bottle tend to be more expensive than its usual glass brethren. Collectors often wish to own sea glass bottles more so than regular glass ones. Boats of all types are included inside a ships in bottle. Sunlight tends to help these wonderful items to look their best, so it is recommended that one place their ships in bottle within an area where it can attain much more light.

Making a Straw Purse

At first glance a straw purse looks incredibly difficult to make but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As long as you have a basic portable sewing machine, your straw and a few other materials along with some good instructions, you can make a straw bag in a matter of hours.

Gold Prospecting in the US on a Budget

Gold prospecting in the US. How to find and where to look when prospecting for gold.

Art Journaling: A Low-Stress Creative Outlet

Simply put, art journaling is creating a journal with pictures. Starting with your thoughts or an image, you create the pages using simple artistic techniques. It’s a cousin of scrap-booking, and no formal art or drawing experience is required.

Baking Christmas Cards

Create a card that looks and smells like the food you create. Here is an explanation of how to make a gingerbread cookie card!

Nautical Enthusiasts Enjoy The HMS Surprise Model Ship

More than other models, a HMS Surprise model is considered one of the most complex and breakable boats. The skinny aspect of real life boat is multiplied in today’s HMS Surprise model. The smaller the ratio of the model, the more likely it will be to be fragile. Modelers will remedy this aspect by keeping the amount of small parts sticking out from HMS Surprise model to a minimum. Due to this, many of the small parts seen on other models are not seen on the HMS Surprise model. These models should be kept mostly off limits to touching.

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