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How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements

How to make artificial flower arrangements is not much different than how to make fresh floral arrangements although the tools you will need to use are slightly different. The fake material you will be working with is in one sense a challenge to work since it is harder and more difficult to make look good in an arrangement but in another sense it is much more forgiving and long lasting. For example, you can easily bend stems to make the flower point in a specific direction with artificial flowers and an artificial arrangement will last many years with only…

Getting Noticed In Painted Clothes

So who doesn’t want to be noticed? Not many hands were raised on that one I suspect. Well truthfully, the desire for positive attention is quite healthy. Not very many people want to go unnoticed and blend in with the wallpaper. Most of us want to feel special and look nice.

Getting Started: Continental Knitting

Continental knitting, the standard way of knitting in European countries, involves holding your working yarn in the fingers of the left hand as opposed to the right. It’s also called “picking” as opposed to “throwing” because the right hand needle picks the yarn off the left needle to make the new stitch as opposed to your having to throw or wrap the yarn around the needle to make the new stitch. This results in a very fast and even stitch.

RC Helicopter – Recent Technological Advancements

Recent technological advancements, such as miniaturization, have made RC helicopters suited for flying. Electric RC helicopters feature all the essential mechanisms, necessary for piloting a helicopter without training. RC helicopters are flying machines that are remotely controlled by a Handheld Radio Transmitter.

The Simple Joy of the Garter Stitch Scarf

I have a wonderful yellow cabled sweater that I adore. I enjoyed knitting it, sliding the stitch markers as I followed the pattern repeat and carefully working with my cable needle to create a masterpiece. I wear my sweater with pride and receive plenty of compliments when I take it out for a spin. It is a work of art. I’ve made sweaters, skirts, dresses and toys for my children, some of which they adore and some that sit quietly in the closet.

Colonial Candles – Discover Why and How This Candles Were Made

You may have been to historical parks and seen people take part in colonial candle making. To modern eyes it can seem quaint and unusual. However, colonial candle making was not only a necessary source of light but also essential in binding communities together.

Quilt A Bra For Pink Ribbon Occasions – Cancer Awareness Projects

The new trend in fashion patterns for bras has done away with choosing colors of black or white. Today there are many colors and patterns from which to choose. Why not quilt a bra for pink ribbon occasions? This is a great idea for cancer awareness projects.

How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms

One of the most favored crafts to make is the tissue paper pom poms. Tissue paper pom poms can be made to be used in several ways. These include hanging them from the ceiling, or using them to cheer the home team to victory as cheerleader pom poms. These are two separate and distinct ways to have fun with tissue paper crafts. Children will especially love to help out making these tissue paper pom poms.

Learn How to Sew Clothes in Your Spare Time

Whether you want to do something specific like learn how to sew a dress or you simply want to learn how to sew clothes in general, it can be done no matter what level of skills you currently have. There are a number of different methods to learning how to sew clothes; it really depends on what will suit your needs the best. Many people choose to incorporate more than one learning technique to get the most out of the experience.

Candle Making Business – A Complete Guide With All You Will Ever Need to Make Your Business Work

As unemployment rates are rising at an alarming pace, there are small businesses started by crafters that are taking off. It’s quite possible to generate a full time or part time income from making and selling a craft. Some of these crafters are finding great success with their own candle making business.

Where To Find RC Helicopters For Sale And What To Look For

RC helicopters are a growing trend in the hobby world. They offer enjoyment for both kids and adults, both in the flying of them and, for the enthusiast, the building and customization. But buying an RC helicopter can be a pricey investment, so the potential buyer should make sure to understand what they are buying and where to find exactly what it is that suits them best.

Metal Detecting Treasures

It’s the excitement and thrill of finding treasures that makes metal detecting such a great hobby. If you have not had much luck and only found a few coins and trash the chances are that you will store the metal detector in the closet and will stay there for a long time. So what can you do to prevent that from happening?

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