Finding More Than Just Treasure When Beach Metal Detecting

Metal detecting isn’t only for finding hidden treasure but also for fun and adventure. What makes it so great is the opportunity to explore new areas and the anticipation of a great find. You have the chance to search remote areas you may never have discovered before.

How to Sew – Basic Stitches

Sewing is a very enjoyable pastime, and hand sewing is even more relaxing, besides being an excellent way to learn. In this particular article, I’m going to be teaching you two or three of the most basic stitches necessary for sewing of any kind.

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

For those individuals looking to make their own special birthday cards for loved ones, the task has never been easier. Instead of buying pre-made store cards, it is time to start making them from scratch. All that is necessary is a plan, some decorative materials, a little creativity, and of course someone with a birthday! Making cards from scratch gives the gift a special meaning. The recipient of the card will be appreciative of how much time and effort was put into making it. Also, the cards can be completely original. No more generic phrases or graphics. It is possible to make an original card from home.

Coming Up With a Paint Scheme for Your Model Railroad

If you’re the creative type who just has to model a railroad that never existed, rather than adopt a specific prototype, then sooner or later you’re going to need to invent a color scheme for your fictional pike. How do you come up with something that looks plausible yet unique?

Using Dowels In Recycling Projects

There are numerous creative ways to recycle. Learn how to recycle unwanted shirts by using a hardwood dowel to make your own storage or carrying bags.

Learning The Amazing Passap Knitting Machine

The Passap knitting machine, regardless of the kind you have is an amazing advancement in the machine knitting world. The patterns and combinations of stitch patterns is extensive and all of the choices are ones that at some point in your machine knitting career you want to try. That is what makes this machine so much fun to use.

Quilting With Cotton Crocheted Doilies

Use your cotton crocheted doilies as part of your quilting projects. These doilies can be used in the center of each quilting square, as an applique or for edging. And if you have in your quilt fabric stash reproductions of fabric prints from the 17th century this will be an added opportunity to create a very unique quilt.

Why Baby Quilts Are Called Baby Blankets?

Nowadays, it’s rare to hear young mothers saying the phrase, “baby quilt.” Yet, baby quilts are as popular as ever. Wonder why “baby blankets” have become the new way to call baby quilts?

How to Be Successful at Metal Detecting When You Go to the Beach

Metal detecting at the beach is one of the best places for new and experienced metal detector enthusiasts. The beach is the best because of so many great reasons. One of the top reasons is because there are so many people that frequent it. With so many people, there are many opportunities for lost items.

Metal Working Equipment for Hobbyists and Professionals

Many people enjoy metal working as a hobby. Offering great tools that are affordable for hobbyists but are professional quality. The SA-BM (bench mounted) scroll bender will form a variety of scroll sizes out of up to 3/16″ by 1″ hot rolled mild steel flat.

Hobbies and Handcrafts That Can Make You Money

Are you looking for hobbies that can help put money in your pocket. There are a few hobbies and crafts that can actually turn into a part time or full time business. Read more…

The History of The Crazy Quilt

In 1876 the Exposition celebrating Philadelphia’s centennial was a huge Victorian celebration. In the pavilion from Japan, ceramics and asymmetrical art were fawned over by crowds. It was from these two Japanese favorites that the interest in crazy quilt was born.

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