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Someone Else’s Trash Can Be Your Treasure

Have you ever found some nice things that were still in excellent condition sitting on the curb for garbage? Well, in my case someone else’s trash, has put money into my purse.

Metal Detecting Treasures – How to Be a Modern Day Treasure Hunter

Metal detecting is a great hobby especially if you like the anticipation of a great find. There are no limits when it comes to the prospect of areas you can search and the potential of hidden treasures. One of the best places to search is the beach where a large number of people go to relax and have fun.

Use Vintage Crochet Patterns to Increase Your Repertoire

Crochet is a wonderful hobby to have because you can spend all your free time to create beautiful and useful things that can be gifted away or retained for personal use. Most people just do not have the time or skill to make things out of crochet and are usually really happy to be gifted something that you have made.

Craft Ideas For Old Books

Using old books in your arts and crafts projects have more than one purpose. I love using them to create a vintage feel to a page, as well as feeling good about my work, since I am recycling. Plus you can get them for dirt cheap at thrift stores. It doesn’t get much better than that.

An RC Pirate Ship Collector’s Dream

More so than other models, this item can be displayed without any sort of fuss in a home. Despite the fact children mostly play with these items, they can also be brought along as group play items as well. A great aspect of these pieces is that they can be transported about with ease, and many even fold in on themselves for easier storage and travel. A large space that is barren can benefit greatly from the bulky introduction of a RC pirate ship. These pieces come in all shapes, but the medium sized ones are the most popular. A RC pirate ship can also be displayed in an office space, where it compliments office items, such as computers, well. Many people enjoy these items for the way they can be both decorative pieces as well as toys that people of any age can enjoy. The general buyer also appreciates these pieces for their double pronged usefulness, and they often create a huge demand for this item. In this manner, newer pieces of these vessels may get overlooked entirely, but may also go for much cheaper prices.

Different Art Projects Using Crayons

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, regular wax crayons are a very versatile material when it comes to art. In this article, I will talk about just a couple different techniques and projects that can be done with this common child’s playtime “toy”.

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture For Young And Adult Alike

Dollhouses are popular among young girls. I myself had given a lot of these as gifts to little girls who are fond of playing like they run their own house. But this is no longer just a simple toy and is no longer just for little girls. Right now, there is a growing market for dollhouse kits complete with miniature dollhouse furniture in intricate designs since this is becoming a collection hobby for young and old alike.

Good Book Review: Review of Joe Silvera’s Soldering Made Simple

Learning to solder metals together is something that seems to frighten a lot of art jewelers. Not being able to solder often prevents some very good art jewelers from moving ahead in their jewelry designs which now needn’t be the case. Joe Silvera’s new book, Soldering Made Simple, is the way out of that predicament.

Soap Making Recipes – Molds and Molding

The vast majority of molds for soap making are nowadays made from either plastic or Silicone. Silicone is the favoured material because it is flexible, hard-wearing and the soap comes away without sticking. It is possible to use something as simple as a cardboard box lined with food wrap but of course in doing this you are limited to basic squares and oblongs.

How to Choose the Right Beekeeping Supplies for You

Beekeeping supplies for someone who want to keep bees as a hobby can be less expensive and complicated than someone who intends to take care of bees for a profitable income from bee’s honey production. You should only consider the precise supplies you will need before you purchase your materials and tools, so that you will save yourself from unnecessary expenses. However, safety must be the top reason why you need to buy the goods for your beekeeping activity…

The History Of Peg Wooden Dolls

Most dolls today are made of vinyl and polyurethane resin which make these dolls appear to have smooth and almost human skin like texture. Yet the earliest dolls were made of natural materials and one of the most valuable dolls to collect is vintage wooden dolls. Although wood had been the first known material that were used by craftsmen to create dolls in ancient times in Egypt, the earliest collectible dolls made of wood were first handcrafted in England around the 1680s.

Making Your Own Birthday Cards

Artistically, personal hand crafted cards can be decorated with many different elements. Cards can be assembled with glitter, buttons, ribbons, cut outs, and even dried flowers. Many of these materials can be found lying about the average house. As far as the background for the card, it can be constructed of printer paper, construction paper, or any specialty paper. For some, making a card can be as simple as using photo paper to print a treasured picture on the front of the card and writing a personal message on the inside fold. There are many different software programs that can be used to accomplish different hand made card tasks.

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