The Humble Origins Of The Door Of Hope Mission Dolls In China

The beginnings of the Door of Hope Mission Dolls date back in the 1900s when missionaries in China were outraged and appalled by the use of women as slaves and prostitutes, the binding of their feet, and even the killing of unwanted female babies. The missionaries in China suffered a setback during the “Boxer Rebellion” when Chinese authorities started a war against foreign entities trying to gain access to its resources. Because of this, missionaries in the area where killed along with Chinese who were converted as Christians.

What Is an Art Quilt?

The most traditional quilt can have all the artistic elements as any other work of art. You only have to look at any Amish quilt to appreciate the colors and designs. But when it comes to quilt exhibits and competitions there is a line, however blurry, between a traditional and an art quilt.

Lose Weight With Cross Stitch

You are probably laughing right now but it is true, you can lose weight with cross stitch. I am sure you are wondering, how on earth you can lose weight with cross stitch when you are sitting on the sofa and the only parts in your bodies that move are your arms and fingers? Well, there is more than exercise to consider.

How To Make A Stretch Bracelet

Making a stretch bracelet is very easy to assemble. The only difference is how much money you wish to spend on your beads. There is a choice of acrylic, wooden, ceramic, natural, porcelain, and metal beads. Regardless of bead choice the bracelet will be very beautiful and exactly what you wanted.

Simple Origami Paper Airplanes

What do you think of when you hear the word paper airplanes? Do you think of the times when you were a child and used to make all sorts of different airplanes? The poorly made planes that you and your friends used to make with paperclips, you know the kind that never really worked that well? Maybe you have far better memories of paper airplanes than I do as when I was a child my planes never really turned out as I had planned.

Cool Things To Do With The Origami Heart

When it comes to making origami it seems that making an origami-heart is one of the most basic, if not the most basic, piece of art to create. It can easily be made with just a few simple folds and it looks great. So why would you want to make an origami-heart and what would you do with it when it is made? This is a good question as many people seem to not see the point of making an origami-heart, much less anything origami at all.

How About The Origami Star?

One thing that you can do with an origami star is use them for decorations for Christmas, which I also did last year. They make wonderful garland to go around your home and your tree and you can also make a ton of different origami designs and hang them on the tree or around the home. I made all of mine in red and green at first but thought that it was a bit too much so I also made some that were blue, white, yellow and so on.

Enterprise Models Are Highly Sought After By Collectors

The deck of the these vessels, which were flared overhangs, are what drew the most attention. The decks were not new, and in fact where reused items of older ships with metal plates welded together. In wartime, when new metal parts were rare and expensive, recycling was a great tactic for shipbuilders. Damage from enemy impacts could be withstood for quite a long time, and only after many hits would the breaks and small cracks begin to form. While they are not very delicate, Enterprise models do best in an area that is both clean and free of a lot of dust. The metal hull does very well in slightly arid areas, as the dust refuses to settle on the smallest of planes in these environments.

Hunting for Artifacts and Antiques

Treasure hunting has been my life for decades now. Of course, I do not mean treasure hunting like Indiana Jones or some pirate’s hidden chest of gold. I hunt for antiques and artifacts and while my search does not take me to faraway exotic lands, I do find myself in some interesting places. And while I have not gotten rich, I have found many valuable items.

What To Consider When Buying Cheap RC Trucks

If you are a loyal RC hobbyist you understand the importance of finding affordable RC vehicles that do not compromise quality for affordability. Cheap RC trucks have become increasingly available in today’s technologically advanced society. With new and more affordable technologies, RC manufacturers can mass produce high quality RC trucks at a low-price and pass the savings on to the consumer. Not all cheap RC trucks are created equally. When you are comparing RC trucks you should do your research to ensure you are investing in a great vehicle to add to your RC collection. Know what to look for when you are comparing cheap RC trucks and find the best affordable hobby products on the market.

How Can Chemical Free Beekeeping Help Save Our World

Nowadays, it is very evident that honeybee colonies decreased their number, thus these pollinators are facing the danger of extinction. Choosing chemical free beekeeping is the only answer to this problem that has affected most beekeepers.

Create a Thrifty Denim Rag Quilt

Right now, rag quilts are all the rage. Everywhere you look someone has a rag quilt on the back of their couch, on their bed, or are even packing a rag quilt purse. A rag quilt is not only nice to look at but is easy to cut out, assemble, and sew.

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