Outstanding Crafts You Can Do By Yourself

Card Collecting

Card collecting has been around for many, many years, even though no one can agree on when. Some say the first baseball card was in the 1930s, while others go further back to the 1800s. Yet more will say all the way back to Greece and its gladiators.

Which Slot Cars Are Suitable for Use on 1:32 Track?

Slot cars come in many scales and with the appearance of digital slot racing systems over the past 5 years, it has made the selection of slot cars a little confusing. This guide we hope will clear up a few of the questions you may have.

Doll Clothes: A Wonderful Home Sewing Business

Sewing doll clothing is not only enjoyable, but can also make you extra income with a home sewing business. By utilizing remnants you not only save expenses, but are doing the environmentally good thing, too. There are many patterns available to sewing doll clothes to assist you.

Sewing Doll Quilts: Easy Quilts For Beginners

Quilts can be a beautiful addition to a dolly’s belongings. Young girls will enjoy tucking their doll in bed with a lovely quilt to cover her. There are basic quilts that even beginners can make.

Should I Buy Beads Online?

Those of us who get into beading eventually face the questions of the price of beads and beading supplies, and the range that is available at our favorite bead shop. Both of these questions can be solved by going online, either to a larger bead shop, a wholesaler, or one of the mega outlets like Amazon or eBay. Many people do just that, and provided the normal precautions about buying over the net are taken, it works pretty well. Here are some tips to make your online buying safe and enjoyable.

Sewing Is Back And More Fun Then Ever

“Sewing” as the name suggests is the process of joining pieces of cloth along a definite straight seam to achieve the objective of preparing a definite design or giving a definite form to the cloth pieces that can be put into a wide variety of uses as required. Earlier, sewing used to be largely a manual process that involved putting together a lot of strain on the eyes as well as required a good amount of skill and expertise for a nice finish. That is why, it is said that even though machines are more convenient to use, it is…

A Brief Introduction to Disney Pin Trading

Disney pins are a hot collectible right now. There are some things you should know about the history of these pins and how to collect them before you start spending too much money on them.

Cool Home Crafts: Ideas To Brighten Any Home Whilst Saving Money

Being crafty around your own house will not only spark your creative side, it can also save you money while making your house truly unique. There are a ton of cool home crafts that can make your house into a home. From big DIY projects to small crafted decor accessories, you can craft nearly anything you can imagine.

Card Making With a Kit

So you’ve been thinking for a while you’d like to take up a new hobby but not exactly sure what you want to do. If you’re the creative type and someone who likes having a bit of fun, then why not give card crafting a go? Card crafting is such a fun and easy hobby which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

An Examination of Occult Symbols Used in the Hitler’s Youth Badge of 1943

Contrary to the Fuhrer’s dismissal of Nazi occultism, one need only examine the Hitler Youth (HJ) sports competition tinnie of 1943 to recognize mysticism’s underlying role in the Nazi Party. The badge has a swastika that is imposed upon a diamond shaped figure and nestled between a crescent of oak leaves. The badge’s design is simple yet highly symbolic.

Mini Remote Control Helicopters

Flying mini remote control helicopters has become a wonderful hobby that is open to all. Today you are no longer limited to the nitro powered behemoth’s that are impossible for a beginner to every fly. There are a number of methods to experience RC helicopter flight.

What Can You Do With Beads?

When you first get into this craft, you may be overwhelmed by the number of beads available as well as the number of ways to use them. You could be amazed by the amount of beads to buy, the various types, the many colors they come in and even the number of suppliers to be found both on and off the internet. It seems that beads and beading is a very popular hobby and that this craft, though very old, is still a very exciting one.

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