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My Favorite Method for Applique

Applique is the technique of sewing pieces of fabric to create patterns, designs, and more. It is used on quilts, clothing, pillowcases, and pretty much anything that can be sewn. Here are the steps to my favorite method for this technique.

Crafts for Children – Perfectly Safe and Fun!

You enjoy your crafts, so why not get your children involved too. They may be too young to do knitting and crocheting but there are many things they can do that can bring out the creative talent they may have. Participating in a craft brings out their imagination and they can portray that in many ways. It helps stimulate their brain.

Major Facts About RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters, also known as radio-controlled helicopters, have a unique type of design that sets them apart from other kinds of air-crafts that people fly. For instance, these helicopters have great aerodynamics, especially when they are being flown or when a person is trying out different flying mechanisms. However, all this information is not easily accessible to those who want to join the RC Helicopter hobby.

Brother SE400 Sewing Machine – Sewing Projects Are Easier Than Ever

Are you looking for the Brother SE400? Is so, you would probably like to find the best deal on it. This Brother sewing machine is like having three machines in one, sewing, quilting and embroidery. You have access to the quick start guide and tutorials with the back-lit LCD touch screen, as well as computer connectivity to keep your machine up to date. It also comes with a user manual and 25-year limited warranty.

4 Items You Can Use To Stock Your Craft Booth At Events – Wholesale Necklaces And More!

Craft events are great for crafters everywhere. The tables and booths are usually really inexpensive to rent, and there are all kinds of people who will be at the event to shop. They turn out being a great way for crafters to not only sell their items, but to be able to promote their craft as well.

What Are Seed Beads And What Are They Used For?

Seed beads are little tiny beads that are measured in “aughts”. An aught was the term that was used to measure how many of these kinds of beads that could fit in a given space on the loom.

The Magic of Serger Stitches: The Chain Stitch

The chain stitch is on many 5 thread overlockers or sergers, and some 2 thread overlockers specialize in chain and coverstitches. Chain stitches have many uses, both functional and decorative. In this article I suggest several of these uses that are great for everyday sewing tasks.

Leisure Time Hobbies for Women

As many women get to the age where they are opting to become stay at home mom, or their children are growing to an age in which they do not need the regular supervision that was once required, women are being faced with an almost extravagant amount of free time and no real understanding of how this time could and should be spent. While it is true that you can opt to clean the house on a regular basis, not only is this task going to become boring and methodical, but it is not going to help you grow and build on your capabilities as a woman and a human being.

Tension Guidelines for Sewing Machines

It is common for a lot of sewers, especially beginners to look the other way when it comes to tension dials and adjustments on their machine for fear of stuffing things up and making things worse. In this article I will review some common tension problems and how to fix them.

Dos and Don’ts When Purchasing an RC Helicopter

Buying an RC Helicopter is not easy. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you attempt to purchase one. You have to be sure you know what kind of helicopter you want or else you end up buying a piece of junk.

What You Need to Know About the RC Helicopter Hobby

The RC Helicopter hobby is very rewarding. Those who choose this hobby learn a lot of things about flying helicopters. This includes knowing what type of aircraft models to purchase, how to look after helicopters as well as learning new flying skills each and every day.

Are There Any Truly Rare American Coins? Let’s Have a Closer Look

I read a lot of discussions concerning rare American coins. I think the word “rare” in almost all cases is thrown around pretty freely when the coins under discussion are hardly rare in my view. Read on to see what I mean.

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