Simple Beauty, Makeup and Clothing Trends To Upgrade Your Look

Making a Faux Cow Hide Area Rug

Have you always wanted that cow hide look for your area rug, but the price has been out of your reach? Thankfully, there is a way to quickly and easily make your own faux cow hide rug that will rival the ones in stores.

Fun Summer Rhinestone Projects For The Whole Family

With the summer here and record-breaking heat sweeping across the country, staying indoors is the only option for many. But with the children out of school, it’s important to have some fun indoor activities on tap to keep them busy. Beat the heat indoors while getting the whole family involved with creative rhinestone projects. With Swarovski rhinestones and a little imagination, there are a myriad of fun and creative projects your whole family will love.

Tips for Finding Hidden Caches With Metal Detecting

In the old days, in the absence of modern banks and safety deposit boxes, people would often bury small caches of their valuable items such as coins. The idea was that so long as they knew where to dig they could return later and dig up their treasures again. Unfortunately for them, however, many forgot where they buried their goods and never found them again or were simply unable to return.

How to Make Candles for the Holidays

Everyone wants to know how to make candles during Christmas and Halloween, but what about all the other holidays? I personally think that it is a huge injustice that they are completely ignored by the world of candles, picked up by only the most devout crafters. So how can we fix this?

How to Get Creative With Photo Prints

Wondering what you could do with your digital photographs? There are many awesome things you can do with your photos other than just printing them on polished and matte-finished paper and putting them in photo albums. Frame them with decorative picture frames or make canvas gallery wraps, and display your pictures in a prominent place at office or home.

Turn Photographs Into Stories With Photo Books

Personalized photo books are one of the best options available to preserve your treasured memories. There are many online photo stores that provide you easy ways to make the best photo books. With easy-to-use interactive software and matchless printing and binding quality, you can create your own professional quality photo books.

3 Reasons Not To Rush Into Your Next Quilting Project

It doesn’t matter if the quilt you desire to make is puffed up or made with roses all over it, there are numerous reasons why you don’t want to rush the quilt project. Let’s discuss the three most common reasons why speed could work against you.

Metal Detectorists Take Pleasure in Their Hobby For One Beneficial Cause

In various parts of the country, a handful of metal detecting hobbyists get together from time to time to go hunting for a good cause. Bringing their own treasure metal detectors, spending a day, and turning over their finds to their host grounds or property both for the love of metal detecting and history.

Worm Farm Fun

When I started getting a worm farm together I thought this was gonna be more of a chore than actual fun, like a hobby would be. But I was wrong. Knowing about worms and worm bins, and watching the compost you can create, and the healthy soil you can plant in, worm farming and raising is a blast.

Guidelines to Metal Detecting in Parks

Parks and other recreation areas are prime spots for metal detecting hunts. This article provides some general guidelines and tips for successful metal detecting in parks.

Candle Making: 3 Reasons That You Should Give This Hobby a Try

Candle making is one of those hobbies that everyone seems to be interested in, but only a few times during the year. Why is that? Around Halloween and Christmas, everyone wants to try to make their own holiday themed candles to either show off or give away.

How to Dig Up Coins Discovered With Metal Detecting

Digging up items that you’ve discovered can sometimes be very damaging if not done properly. This article provides two very useful non-destructive techniques to help you retrieve items in the ground that you’ve targeted with your metal detector.

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