How to Make a Bracelet

Bracelets are not only beautiful jewelry articles people wear around their wrists, they are unique forms of expression. From the study of ancient history it is quite clear that human beings have worn bracelets since the beginning of time.

Metal Detecting On Your Local Beaches

Metal detecting on the beach is a very popular hobby among people who live near the coast. The beach is also a great place for new comers to the trade to start with metal detecting.

Creating a Dowel Floral Arrangement

Bring nature’s colors and beauty into your home. Learn how to craft a floral arrangement using a hardwood dowel.

Make Your Own Silver Keepsake Jewelry for Mum’s Special Day!

Fingerprint jewelry is loved by Mums of all ages, small prints from tiny fingers, hands or feet. The design can easily be tailored for people of any age, don’t forget that grand-mums love their little ones! If you are planning to make some fingerprint jewelry, keep in mind that very small babies do not have a defined fingerprint yet, taking an impression of their little hand or toes works better, looks unbelievably cute and will be treasured through the generations. These pieces are the heirlooms you make today for future generations!

Candle Making – A Wonderful Craft to Spend Quality Time With Your Family and Create Memories

We have all enjoyed the experience of going into a candle store and seeing the virtually endless choices of colors, smells, shape, sizes and themes. Perhaps you’ve thought of making your own candles, but haven’t because it might be too expensive, messy or difficult. The great news is that candle making can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be and it’s an activity or craft for the novice and expert alike.

Treasure Hunting Today – Metal Detecting Information You Can Use To Get Started

Metal detecting is more than walking around finding lost change. Traveling to new places, meeting new people and uncovering valuable treasures are the reasons why more and more people are drawn to metal detecting as a serious hobby.

How to Make A Must-Have Clutch Purse

The process is simple and quite easy for learning how to make a clutch purse. I will list the steps in great detail for those of you who may be a complete newbie when it comes to making a purse. Follow along with me and you’ll be a master at this is no time creating your own glorious fashionable clutch purses.

Entertain Your Guests With US Coast Guard Ship Models

Many types of US Coast Guard ship models are modeled after their real life brethren, which put great importance on enduring harshness. It is common for US Coast Guard ship models to outlive their more fragile model ship kin. Because metal is so sturdy, US Coast Guard ship models that are made from this material are often those that end up lasting the absolute longest. When buying US Coast Guard ship models, rest assured that the purchase will be around for many years into the future.

Secret Tips to Metal Detecting at Your Local Beaches

Metal detecting at the beach is a unique and exciting hobby. Maybe it’s the sounds of the waves, the wind in your hair, the sun and sand. Whatever your attraction to the beach is, if you want to be the one to find great treasures there you will have to have a few secrets in store, since the popularity in the hobby is growing rapidly.

Getting Started With A Bottle Ship Collection

In terms of model popularity, the bottle ship is among the most famous and most widely bought. This popularity is spurred on by the bottle ship and it’s very iconic image. No other model ship has quite the same shape as the bottle ship does. The bottle ship is most recognized thanks to the bottle that surrounds it.

The Lovely Craft Of Crochet Really Is Fun And Easy To Learn

Crochet is fun and easy to learn. Crochet is a very popular handicraft that has been around for many years. It is done with a crochet hook and yarn. The yarn is caught by the hook and pulled through loops.

Counted Cross Stitch Using Perforated Paper

The Victorians loved to stitch on punched or perforated paper. If you fancy a change from cross stitching on fabric try perforated paper.

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