The Evolution Of The Horsman Doll Creation

The doll company that created the Vita and Rini dolls had already been around for several decades now.ย  Horsman Limited was founded by Edward Imeson Horsman in New York City in 1865.ย  The company started producing dolls under the trademark of Babyland Rag Dolls which were almost entirely made of cloth.

How To Make Gel Candles – Step By Step Instructions

So you have decided to embark upon candle making. However, you may not wish to make several varieties of candles but want to focus on a special type. If so, this checklist was prepared with you in mind.

The Ball-Jointed Dolls Of JamieShow Collection

One of the newest doll lines for the ball jointed category is the Jamie Show dolls which are exclusively sold by Angelic Dreamz shop.ย The dolls were launched in November 2009 with four series in its line namely Jamie, Ru Yi, Mayumi, and Kura.ย The dolls were made in limited numbers but were made of high-performance resin which they coined as Smooth H.

How To Do A Marketing Plan For A Home Candle Making Business

Marketing covers a wide range of activities with some of them costing a lot of money and some of them not costing anything at all. When you have answered the questions in our article you will be able to work out activities so that you can meet a marketing budget.

Metal Detecting In Comfort And Safety

As many treasure metal detector-wielding hobbyists head outdoors this summer, it’s high time to remind everyone to take a little care and precaution before immersing themselves in their favorite pastime. As metal detectorists excitedly prepare to hie off into nature, a few safety considerations might get left behind. As much fun as trekking in nature can be, some protective measures have to be taken. Don’t take being outdoors for granted, the dangers in the natural world is not something to scoff at.

Beaded Bracelet Patterns – Where Do I Start?

You want to start beading as a hobby. This article will take you through a the steps of making a simple stretch cord bracelet.

Should You Choose a Small Remote Controlled Helicopter?

Choosing a beginners remote control helicopters can be a difficult task. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you work through the decision and ask the right questions.

Find RC Cars On Sale For Your Family

If you want to find a family friendly hobby that your entire family can participate in you might want to consider checking out remote control cars. It is a fun activity that your whole family can participate in.

Polished Stone on Paper

Would you like to create unique, one-of-a-kind papers that look like stone? They add an amazing artistic touch to papercrafting projects. The Polished Stone technique is quick and easy to produce, but I won’t tell if you don’t!

The Beginner’s Guide to Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is a great hobby for experienced and beginner hobbyists and getting to know the ins and outs of this great endeavor will make it that much easier for success. Here’s a beginner’s guide to get started.

How to Crochet a Winter Scarf

Crocheting is an enjoyable pastime, as it is very repetitive and relaxing. It’s fun to work with the different colors of yarn, and the simple feeling of yarn and hook is enjoyable in itself. This article will give you the basics of creating a winter scarf.

Three Methods to Power Up Your RC Cars

RC Cars do bring a smile on to a lot of faces, especially the children who play with RC Cars. There’s a lot of popularity with radio controlled cars. There are different RC Cars; each car has one or the other thing which makes them unique and better than the other.

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