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How To Make A Candle Out Of Crayons

One of the things that a lot of parents with young kids wonder is how to make a candle out of crayons. After all, candles are made out of wax, crayons are made out of wax, it should be pretty simple right? While you can technically make a candle using only crayons, the type of wax that they are made with just doesn’t burn well, if at all. However, that you can make a candle a that partially uses crayons, either for coloring or to solidify the texture. Believe it or not, it is very easy to do.

You’re an Artist – The Power of These Words

I know that sometimes it’s a little bit scary trying new things. If you jump headfirst into some kind of creative outlet, and things don’t turn out so good, you could end up being discouraged. Because you don’t think you’re good enough. This article should help you learn otherwise.

Welcome To Your New RC Helicopter

You have entered into a great hobby that is both fun and relaxing. You may either fly alone, or join a group of friends, or perhaps even an RC Helicopter/plane club on a nice sunny afternoon. An RC helicopter is remote controlled and uses batteries and/or engine fuel.

How To Make A Candle Out Of Markers

I have been a part of a lot of different crafts fairs in my life and I get a lot of questions all the time about how to make candles from scratch. Many people want to know how to make a candle out of markers, now although this sounds like a really cool and fun idea, it is simply not possible for a wide variety of reasons. Not only is it not possible, it is not healthy.

How To Make A Candle Out Of Pencils

So out of all of my years making candles I have had quite a number of questions on how to make candles, everything from how do you make a candle from crayons to how do you make a candle out of markers. One of the questions that I got recently was someone asking me how to make a candle out of pencils.

How To Build A Cubby House Without Asking For Help

It’s really not an issue about knowing how to build a cubby house using plans of some description. Some people think that plans aren’t necessary, however, they may have more experience in building such structures.

How to Be Successful in With Your City Beekeeping

City beekeeping or backyard beekeeping can be possibly successful if you are knowledgeable enough on how to take care of bees. The very important things that you need to know about beekeeping will be discussed in this article. If you decide to keep beekeeping as your new hobby, the first thing you have to do is know from your local government if this activity is allowed.

Tips for Bead Jewelry Designers

There is a vast pool of hobbies people are dedicating their free time in. With all our tedious routines and daily doses of stress, we need activities to help us relax. As they say, life with all work and no play makes a dull life.

Sewing Doll Clothes Patterns – How to Get the Perfect Fit Every Time!

I often hear mothers complaining that they have to make several different sizes of the one doll clothes outfit for their daughter’s dolls because they are all slightly different in size and while one outfit is perfect on one doll, it may be too tight or too loose on another doll. Good news Mom/Grandma! I have come up with a solution that has worked brilliantly for me over the years and I am constantly being told my doll clothes fit perfectly even though I don’t have the doll to try the clothes on as I am making the outfit.

Model Train Tracks – Getting the Right Ones

When creating a layout for your very own model train set up you will need to decide how you want to lay the model train tracks. This can be super simple, or you can choose a more intricate layout. It’s up to you. In order to decide on the amounts of tracks you need to purchase for your model train set up you should think about how your overall track design will be.

All About Model Steam Trains

Unlike standard little electrical model trains, model steam trains are very real to life in the way they operate. They are basically just a new miniature version of a regular steam engine. They are complete with actions that work like a true steam engine using real steam.

The New York City Ballet Dolls Collection

Tonner Dolls have collaborated with the New York City Ballet in the Fall of 2008 to create ballerina dolls showing the fluid motion of the dance arts. These dolls are the favorite of ballet enthusiasts and doll collectors alike. The dolls measure 16 inches tall with bendable joints and fantastically bendable wrists.

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