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Finding Metal Detecting Treasures

Looking for a kick of discovering astonishing treasures? This is what makes the pastime of metal detecting so thrilling and appealing, metal detecting treasures. If you were to go out prospecting and all you encountered were few nickels or pop cans, in all likelihood your metal detector would end up in the attic collecting dust.

Differences Between Crocheting and Knitting

Crocheting and Knitting have some similarities when it comes to both using yarn and thread and being able to make a piece of cloth but they are also different. You can make a lot of the same types of items by knitting or crocheting but the texture will end up being different.

How to Make Doll Clothes the Easy Way and Save a Fortune

Have you ever bought doll clothes patterns and given up making them half way through because you found them just too small and fiddly to make? When I first started making doll clothes for my daughter, I thought it would be easy and it would save me heaps of money. After all, I have been sewing for years and I would have a couple of outfits made in a jiffy using all the scraps of fabric that I have kept ‘just in case’. Boy, was I wrong!

Silkscreen at Home With StencilPro and PhotoEZ

Screen printing is a useful, exciting and fun craft. Traditional silk screening is expensive, messy, and requires a lot of space, making it difficult for non-professionals to silkscreen at home. Not anymore! StencilPro and PhotoEZ kits and silkscreen sheets are unique and specifically designed to be used at home, a studio or small business.

What To Look For When Buying A Sailboat Replica

The standout sails of a sailboat replica are recognized many times by people of all ages from all over the world. The sails of this ship are best when kept clean and without a mar, as sails range in brightness with the most white being the most impacting. The most classic image of the sailboat is a ship with pure white sails. In the modern world, however, many large types of sails are dyed with stripes of color in order to stand out from the other ships. The default sails that accompany the purchase of a sailboat can be easily replaced, and very often contain a logo of the company that made the ship itself.

Jewelry Making Techniques

When attaching wire to a clasp for your newly made necklace, the most common method is crimping, which is a small metal tube and a crimping tool. Below are 5 steps to walk you through the process.

How to Make Your Own Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy

In today’s world, we can choose among many toys. The availability of commercially produced items makes it even more special and sweet to make something yourself. Creating a teddy bear on your own is relatively uncomplicated and the results will be tremendous.

Considering Metal Detecting Clubs?

You have made the decision to get into metal detecting as a pass time. Perhaps a friend of yours has been doing it and now they have talked you into it or you have heard stories of the modern day treasure hunting possibilities. If you happen to know someone that already does it, it will make the learning curve a bit shorter and you can go with them on their outings and share their metal detector or perhaps even borrow it from time to time.

How to Make a Bunny Using Quilling Strips

Sit at home and make fun quilling objects to decorate your pencils, pencil cases, bookmarks and many more things. Create fun objects and make them look more attractive.

Determine The Best System To Meet Your RC Helicopters Needs

There are many hobbies that individuals take a good advantage of in order to find a form of relaxation as well as enjoyment which appeals to their interests. One chance which several people have found great pleasure from investing in is with utilization of various RC systems.

Metal Detecting Information That You Need To Know

It is not important if you are a veteran, a newbie of somewhere in between. You are always looking for more metal detecting information. For those of you who are just looking into the hobby, metal detectors are electronic devices which assist people spot metal objects that are concealed from sight.

How to Create Fun Word Searches for Kids

Word Searches are a great learning tool for young children, and also a memorable aid for teaching people of all ages about a new topic. This article covers some tips on how to make a word search entertaining and educational at the same time. The foremost key to a good word search is in picking the right words.

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