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Tips on Felting Wool Yarn

Felting has been around for many years; in fact archaeological digs have produced garments, tent and even shoes in Europe that have survived showing the durability of felted fabrics. Here are a few tips if you are going to try felting for the first time.

The Cheap Way With Recipes to Make Homemade Soap With Lye

Today we’re going to be talking about cheap ways to make homemade soap with lye. And if you’re starting for the first time with making a homemade soap from scratch, it’s actually great to not buy too many ingredients, since you may fail the first couple times to reach trace and convert an actual quality so base for making nice custom soap products. So let’s start off with the ingredients for making a really basic soap recipe.

Corset Making – Double Boning Channels

If you want to insert two strips of boning into your corset side by side at each seam without using bone casing here are the two correct methods for doing so. Getting boning right in a corset is very important and makes all the difference. A must read for corset making enthusiasts and others just learning how to make a corset.

Reaching Trace When Making Soap at Home and Adding Natural and Organic Ingredients

If you are fairly new to making soap at home from scratch, you may have been having trouble trying to reach trace with your new soap base. You got your lye, you got your water, or your water and goats milk mix, and you try to mix it the correct way with oil and stir it in order to reach trace. ย  But for some reason things didn’t turn out so well and you didn’t get trace.

Finding the Right Equipment for Making Soap at Home With Lye

Making your own soap at home from scratch can be extremely rewarding. Once you learn your own technique and how to get the measurements right, you will be able to make your own healthy soap for nursing your skin and your family. You’ll also be able to make wonderful gifts for family and friends with your special custom soap bars and shapes, and maybe down the road you can sell your special soap recipes and soap bars for a profit and bring in a little part-time income.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Dye

Mimosa hostilis root bark is one of the only all-natural dyes useful for tie dying clothing, and using mimosa hostilis root bark for your arts and crafts outside of tie dying is completely eco-friendly since the dye itself is only created using the bark of the tree, and considering bark is like skin in that it regrows itself after a period of time, you can rest assured that nature is never hurt when using the bark as a dye base. For any projects where you are looking for earthy reds, browns and purples, mimosa hostilis root bark is without a doubt the best choice for the eco-conscious tie dyer.

The Art and Science of Home Fragrance

Since the late 1950’s the home fragrance industry has grown from a cottage industry to an industry with over 5 billion dollars in annual sales. Industry leaders like Glade and Yankee Candle have become household names. Modern science has allowed the growth of this industry. Just like flavors, scents can be natural or artificial. Artificial scents have been around since the 1920’s and without artificial scents the home fragrance industry would not exist. Most all home fragrances have artificial fragrances and some may have a combination of both natural and artificial fragrances.

Collecting Vintage Dexterity Games

Most vintage dexterity games were made in Europe and the bulk were produced in Germany, France and the UK. During the first part of the 20th century the US also produced these kind of games, often with a patriotic wartime theme. The Germans made a huge number of vintage dexterity games and the 20th century examples were usually housed in tinplate frames – this was less expensive and easier to produce than paper-covered wooden boxes.

Why Is Aspect Ratio Important When Making Chainmaille Jewelry?

Aspect Ratio (AR) is very important when creating chainmaille jewelry. If the correct dimensions relative to the gauge of wire are not correct the result will be chainmaille patterns that are either too loose or too tight. In this article I explain how to calculate aspect ratio as well as provide you with some of the most common AR’s for chainmaille patterns.

The History and Traditions of Birthday Cards

Ever wondered why we celebrate birthdays with parties? I did a little research and learned the history of one of our most common traditions.

Recipes for Making Your Own Healthy and Natural Soap at Home With Goats Milk

There are so many recipes to make your own natural soap, that it might make your head spin when you consider the options. Soapmaking is a great thing and it’s great to know what ingredients are going into your soap that you are using over and over again on your skin. It’s great to know that you are doing a healthy thing for your family.

Wood Toys – In A Class Of Their Own

Many parents complain that their kids don’t always appreciate the toys that they buy for them. They are therefore always looking out for playthings that kids might find more interesting.

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