Useful Beauty Hacks And Trendy Makeup Ideas That Will Save Your Money

Making Money With Spa Products

Have you ever thought of, or you may already, making craft items to sell or make as gifts? Soap and candle making are very popular and easy ideas to make a little pocket money. However what if you go one step further and make spa products?

Home Sewing and/or Altering Window Treatments

Windows are not just sources of light for a room. They can become impressive focal points in the room’s decor and their treatments – formal or informal, traditional or modern – can set the tone of the room.

Collecting Teddy Bears – Sorting Out the Antique From the Vintage and the Collectible

If you are starting out as a collector of teddy bears you might well be confused by terms such as antique and vintage and you might, in fact, wonder how to start. Here are some tips to inform and help you.

Tips on Collecting Pie Funnels

The pie funnel, also known as pie ventilator, pie crust support, pie preserver or pie bird, as the Americans like to call it, is a late Victorian utensil. They were designed to prevent the juices spilling onto the pastry or the floor of the oven and also to support the pie crust and stop it from sagging. The first recorded pie funnel was manufactured in 1880 by Dean and Morris and it was made in three sizes. Since then 44 different patents and registered designs have been recorded in Britain and many of these can still be bought today.

Sewing Purses

Where do you begin to learn the art of sewing purses? You see a really cute purse and think… hey, I can do that! You know the truth of the matter is you probably can; learning how to make a purse is very simple all you need is your basic instructions, materials and tools.

How To Choose The Best Plants For Your Honey Bees

You want to choose plants that are high in nectar and pollen. Stay away from hybridized plants, many of them don’t have any pollen and nectar and are useless to your bees.

Learn How to Make Candles From Beeswax

A quick and easy guide to making beeswax candles. You will learn how to purchase beeswax, which wicks to use, and how to get the most out of your candle design.

Knitting With Wool Yarn

This article presents information on working with wool yarn, it’s qualities, properties, and uses. There is also a section on washing wool garments.

1950s Halloween Costume Ideas

As famous decades go, the 1950s is probably the most popular era in America. The economy was booming, “Made in the USA” meant high-quality, we were recovering from World War II and the Great Depression, and music and movies were at a creative peak. When people are looking for awesome Halloween costume ideas, they often think back to the middle of the 20th century for inspiration.

The History of Scented Candles

Candles also had a useful purpose in early China. There, they actually invented a type of calibrated candle called a “candle clock” that was used for keeping time. Weights were inserted into the candle at precise locations, and when the wax melted to a certain level, the weights dropped into a container below and made a noise.

A Guide to Making Scented Candles

Most agree that candlelight is a pleasant addition to any room, but add a nice scent to that beautifully lit room and you have something special! Scented candles can be found in our homes, retail shops, beauty spas, and even restaurants where we enjoy the ambience and warmth of candlelight.

Performing After Run Maintenance

You will want to start with a visual inspection checking for cracks, bent parts, tires and any loose hoses or wiring. If you find any damage it is best to fix it before running it again.

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