Looking for a New Hobby? Learn How to Cross Stitch

Diversion is one of the most important things you can do to turn your attention away from everyday life’s stresses. There are so many hobbies you can indulge in. One of the most popular hobbies millions of people are interested in is cross stitching. Should you be interested in this needlework craft, find out below the things you need to learn on how to cross stitch.

How You Can Design Your Own Bag

There is no doubt that handbags can come in many different sizes, colors, styles, and shapes. Although handbags are the perfect accessory, they can get a little bit expensive. This is especially the case for women who are looking for a handbag to accessorize every outfit that is owned.

How to Make Your Own Handbag

One of the most popular fashion accessories that have survived nearly all fashion trends is the handbag. Unfortunately, fabric handbags from companies like Coach can be extremely expensive. One solution is to make your own. You can save a lot of money and customize personalized handbags far more than any bag you can find in a store. Just use the following steps to design your own bag!

Creating Monograms And Calligraphy

Monogramming is a classy way to personalize clothing, linens, and many other items. Having a monogrammed item makes a person feel sophisticated and unique.

The Ups and Downs of Flying My First Remote Controlled Airplane – Part 2

With any and all things safety should be observed, but even then things can happen. One Saturday we were out flying, a family outing. Father in law, my wife and the boys. We had flown several times and every one was having a good time.

4 Ways You Can Optimize Your Metal Detecting Skills

Metal detecting is a great hobby and one that will always bring excitement with the anticipation of finding something of great value but in order to find these items, you need to optimize your metal detecting skills. Here are 4 ways for you to improve your metal detecting.

Crochet: A Brief History of the Craft of Crochet

A brief outline of the origins of crochet, its uses and popularity throughout the years. The story of its humble beginnings and how it has become a popular pastime and an important part of the fashion industry today.

How to Make Your Own Personalized Greeting Cards

I have been making my own handmade greeting cards for a while now, and the response from those receiving them has always been one of extreme gratitude. There is nothing quite as special as a homemade card.

Metal Detecting Pinpointers

What is a Metal Detecting Pinpointer? A Pinpointer is a metal detecting tool used to locate your target when digging for treasure.

Collecting FA Cup Memorabilia

The FA Cup has a long and romantic history and was dreamed up by Charles William Alcock, an old Harrovian, who played on the winning side in the first final of 1872, when Wanderers defeated the Royal Engineers. Since that first final, it has been the dream of every footballer to play in the FA Cup Final and come away with a winner’s medal.

Inspired Designs for Painting on Fabric

Are you looking for the perfect design to paint on fabric? The fact of the matter is not all artists have the complete look in mind when they set out to create their beautiful designs for painting on fabric. In fact, in many instances the art just grows and develops. Oftentimes it feels as though it is just pouring out of you eliminating the need for a pattern.

Crafting Accurate Wooden Sailboat Replicas

Though small in stature, this boat was highly sought after by many trading companies for its service. Today, wooden sailboat replicas are made to look like these ships of old. For many, wooden sailboat replicas are representative of a time long past in which humanity relied on wind power to fill the sails with energy. Extremely large sails were used to direct wind power into the proper channels for use by a ship. Though sometimes the wind would stop completely, it was often a very reliable source of propulsion. Different types of wooden sailboat replicas showcase different takes on the massive sails. The very small details of each sail ensure that wooden sailboat replicas all have different shapes. Details can include anything from stitches to different colors of thread.

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